Funnel the rainwater away from your grates & downpipes.


Stormwater Drains funnel the rainwater away from your grates & downpipes. They are prone to getting clogged with tree roots, can dislocate due to earth movement and are generally hard to detect when there is an issue.

Block Stormwater Drain

When it comes to Blocked Stormwater Drains, it is always better to act fast before a small issue becomes a bigger, costly emergency. Our specialists are regularly trained to help combat all the various causes for these blockages.

Stormwater Cleaning & Clearing

Some plants can grow with deep, strong roots that penetrate small cracks in your pipes and potentially cause major structural defects under your property without you knowing.

Gutter Cleaning, Rain Water Tanks & Systems

In particularly bad weather, unmaintained gutters can be a cause for disaster. By ensuring your gutters are cleared, you can reduce the risk of damage to your home and property.

Not only a great way to help the environment, Rainwater Tanks and Systems are a great way to save money on water bills. Ask us at Water Workx Plumbing on our large range of different sizes, colours and shapes to suit your home.

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When Downpipes are blocked or busted, they can lead to major property damage if unattended to. At Water Workx Plumbing, we ensure your downpipes work as a complete system to allow for fast and easy drainage of water.

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Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is a faster, better and less destructive way to have your drainage system fixed permanently – inserting a new pipe inside the old pipe without the cost or mess associated with digging up and replacing damaged sections. Keep your mind at ease with a 20-year guarantee.

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Stormwater Repairs & Replacements

The team at Water Workx Plumbing are skilled in identifying any issue and recommending the right repair or replacement to get it back to top shape. Once removed – we can further identify, rectify and provide a permanent repair solution for your stormwater system.

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