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Not only do we unclog blocked drains in Burwood; we also provide solutions to maintain and stop the issue from happening again. As a result, we are the leading blocked drain plumber in Burwood for all blocked drain repairs.

No matter if you own a family home, an investment property, or a commercial space, blocked drains are a regular problem that many people experience. There  are several indicators that it’s time to replace your sewer system since, if left unchecked, a little issue can soon turn into something more serious, such as a collapsed sewer line.

Your plumbing may often be out of sight, making it difficult to detect problems in drain pipes before major symptoms arise from your drains.Therefore, you’ll need to rely on our highly qualified team of professional plumbers to inspect the clogged sewer drain or stormwater line to ensure that there no future damage is caused.  To unclog drains, our plumbers use the most recent technologies and are also available around the clock.

To avoid inconvenience and increased costs, it is crucial to address this problem while it may still be small. Because of the expertise of our staff, we are able to handle the problem quickly and offer comprehensive solutions. By following our recommendations, you may be able to also prevent blocked drains emergencies in the future.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain In Burwood

Unsure whether or not your drain/s are blocked? Here are some signs that you can look out for when figuring that out:

  • Changes in how your toilet flushes
  • Strange gurgling sounds in the affected drain
  • Unusual odors or smells coming from the affected drain
  • Foreign objects in your toilet bowl

If you are experiencing some of these signs then your best bet is to contact our expert blocked drain team in Burwood. Although you may think it is a small issue, it can lead to much larger issues which would be very costly to fix.

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Different Types Of Blocked Drains In Burwood

Blocked Toilets

A blocked or slowly emptying toilet is the most common cause of drain blockages that we encounter. The causes can vary, but some examples include tree roots encroaching on drains, sewage pipes breaking or collapsing, or even “foreign” materials like brushes or toilet paper falling into the drain. To determine the location of the blockage and its likely cause, we use CCTV cameras that go into your drainage systems. The vast majority of toilet blockages can also be cleared using professional plumbing tools such as “electric eels” and water jetting systems.

Bathroom Sinks, Basins & Vanities Blockages

A recent bathroom sink blockage job in Burwood led us to the discovery of the reason why their bathroom vanity sinks drained so slowly. The ‘S Bend’ under the sink was jammed with a mixture of hair and soap when we disassembled it. But after a quick clean, rinse, and reassembly of the drainage system, the sink was once again correctly draining. In most cases this is the most common cause for bathroom sink blockages however there can be a variety of factors that are causing a blockage. Therefore you best get in touch with us so that we can diagnose and unblock your bathroom sink.

Kitchen Drain Blockages

In most cases, a buildup of grease and waste from washing and dishwasher feeds combined can cause kitchen sink blockages. In most cases, the solution is rather simple which we can take care of, furthermore we can provide you advice on how to lessen the probability of any future blockages.

Floor Drain Blockages

Noticing a slow flow or foul odour coming from your floor drain? Most shower and bath drains can get blocked over time through an accumulation of hair, soap and general grime. There are a few DIY Solutions for blocked shower and bath drains, however, we are certain that we can get you back in action quickly with our full proof methods.

Reasons Why You May Have A Blocked Drain


One of the most frequently disregarded reasons of blocked shower drains.

Foreign Objects

You wouldn’t believe how often we find toys, pebbles, and other objects that end up clogging pipes.

Tree Roots

Cracked pipes are a favourite for tree roots because they supply nutrients and promote continual development.

Build Up Of Grease

The majority of kitchen sink blockages are caused by cooking oils, which are used frequently in the kitchen.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is designed by manufacturers to easily dissolve in water, but using too much may cause a blockage.

Food Scraps

Food particles are one of the most common causes of kitchen sink blockages. There a few tools you can use to prevent this such as a simple strainer.

Defective Installation

We encounter numerous subpar installations by plumbers who profit from the fact that their labour is frequently hidden.

Sanitary Items

Unlike toilets, sanitary pads and other products of a similar nature are made to absorb enormous amounts of moisture. Instead of disintegrating, they expand.

Why Choose Us To Clear Your Blocked Drain/s In Burwood?

You can rely on our Burwood clogged drain experts to be there for you whenever you need them. When our skilled Water Workx Plumbing team visits your residence to unclog a drain, we concentrate on four things:

  • Identifying the precise location of the clogged drain.
  • Cleaning the drain to make it immediately functional.
  • Determining the cause of the drain blockage and offering suggestions to lessen the likelihood that it will occur again.
  • Preventive maintenance every 6 to 12 months, particularly if there are trees nearby.

Contrary to the majority of the job we perform, clearing a blocked drain requires you to rely heavily on the morals and integrity of the plumber you choose. You cannot see a lot of the work we do because it is underground. Because of the several other cowboy plumbers who prey on this situation and use it to paint most plumbers as dishonest and devious, this advice will guarantee that you never deal with a cowboy plumber again.

We have worked incredibly hard to dispel that stigma and have earned a reputation for offering great service as well as simple options and solutions for clearing your blocked drains in Burwood. There are multiple approaches we can try, and we prefer to inform you first so you can choose the one that will work best for you and eventually feel comfortable with the job we do.

Our 3 Step Process To Clear Your Blocked Drain

1. Assessment

To identify the root of the blocked drain in Burwood, our expert blocked drain plumber will do a full service evaluation. The root of the blocked drain will be found using our CCTV drain inspection camera. We also go an extra step further by looking at the area around the blocked to prevent needless digging. To find your underground plumbing lines, our plumbers may also place pipe locators above the ground.

2. Action

Depending on what sort of drain is blocked and what’s causing the blockage, we may utilise a range of different methods at our disposal that can help unblock that particular drain. Some of these methods involve plunging, electrical eels, high pressure jet blasting or even chemicals. Every job is treated differently hence why the tools we use are also very different in what they can achieve.

3. Prevention

We will recommend a number of different preventative actions you can take to ensure that you drains don’t keep getting blocked. If necessary we could also look at relining the pipes if they are severely damaged. These different solutions should help prevent any future blocked drains in Burwood.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Drains Unblocked In Burwood?

Most house owners will select a less expensive “DIY” solution. They frequently have their trolleys stocked with Drain-O and other drain cleaning supplies when you encounter them in Bunnings or the neighbourhood grocery store. The majority of these items are nothing more than gimmicks that will just waste your money. Many of these commercial drain cleaners have an acid base, which can corrode metal parts of your drain system and cause more issues in the future.

Because so many factors, such as choosing the Burwood plumber, affect the cost, it’s difficult to put a fixed price on unblocking blocked drains in Burwood. Instead, we advise you to do your research and look for a licensed and reputable plumber, like ours, to save money. There are numerous causes of blocked drain issues, and the appropriate remedy is entirely dependent upon the cause. For instance, a straightforward blockage brought on by organic garbage, such as food scraps in the kitchen sink, can be easily and affordably fixed. On the other hand, clearing a blockage in your sewer pipes brought on by a solid mass of wet wipes and grease will be more challenging and expensive.

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